Pangasinan Overnight

I’m sooo catching up with my posts.  Since I had been extremely busy with work (still is!), I found out that I have not even shared our Pangasinan trip over the Christmas holidays.  Yes, that’s how backlogged I am!  I really thought I’ve told you that during the break and while all of my hubbies’ […]

Cebu Pacific version 2.0

Just want to share a video on the new, refreshed look of Cebu Pacific.  I’m grateful that I’ve seen the evolution of the airline brand.  Cheers to the new Cebu Pacific!

New Finds in Cebu

I have a soft spot for Cebu.  That’s so true especially since I contemplated living in this city some years back.  So every time I come for a visit whether for business or for leisure, I make time to check out new places, hotels, restaurants etc. Last week’s day trip was no different.  And I […]

Manila Bay Sunset Cruise

To celebrate my sister’s birthday, we tried something different.  We went on a sunset cruise along Manila Bay.  I know it sounds ideal for something couples will do, but surprisingly, my kids loved it too! The terminal is at the CCP Complex, beside the Coconut Palace.  When we were still dating, we used to come […]

Nobu, City of Dreams

I had the privilege of dining at Nobu Manila last week prior their official opening today.  We were treated to good food, nice ambience and lovely company. What greeted us on the way to the parking area was this – It’s actually seen even in the serene garden area of Nobu Hotel. Here’s a sneak […]