What’s Up Moms?

I saw a video on Frances’ blog, made by someone named Elle, found it funny and something I can relate to, and the next thing I knew, I’m watching all their (it turns out Elle works with other moms) videos on Youtube. I’m talking about What’s Up Moms?  You have to watch their videos to […]

My Maternity Leave Ups and Downs

By law, a new mom who gave birth thru SVD (normal) is entitled to a 60-day maternity leave.  I extended mine for 2 more weeks.  Yes, because I didn’t want to leave my darling bub just yet but most especially because I didn’t have a yaya the entire 2.5 months of my leave. I was […]

My Maternity Shoot

Yey, finally the photos of my and my best friends’ maternity shoot are with me already!!! I can’t wait to share them with you so forgive me if I’ll flood this post with photos 🙂 Just to give you a background – during my 1st pregnancy, I thought about doing this already but didn’t give […]

Maternity Shoot

A couple of weekends back, my friends and I had our turn at the camera when our good friend, PJ of V2 Studio graciously accepted our request to have him take our pregnant photos.  I will be sharing them with you as soon as we get the finished materials. For now, let me share with you […]

The Lil Girl and Me

Just grabbed this from Mommy Fleur’s blog.  I just had to post it here as well because I like this photo of the lil girl and me (Teh, ang ganda namin here…hahaha). Taken during Mommy Fleur Day by Michelle Pineda Thanks Mommy Fleur for having us! 🙂