Happy Mothers’ Day

A shoutout to my mom in heaven….Happy Mothers’ Day! Dati pa…Animo La Salle na!:) This picture’s taken on her wedding day, September 5, 1964.  A lovely bride.  Lovely day to get married.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Growing up I took for granted the special love my Mom and Dad shared.  I just thought that it’s something given for married couples – holding hands, birthday surprises, after office dates, weekend out-of-town trips etc.  I thought all married people were like that.  Little did I know that things were not like that for […]

Who Takes After My Mom

Just barely a week after my Dad passed away, my Mom also joined him.  It was devastating to say the least.  In just a couple of days, my sisters and I were suddenly orphans.  So imagine, we were in 2 wakes in  2 weeks.  That’s how heartbreaking it was. Looking back now, yes the pain […]