My Exam Experience

I took the LET about 2 weeks ago. It was my first time to undergo a test again after college graduation. Talk about XX years after a national standard test. I think my last was NCEE, which most of you would have no inkling whatsoever on what it’s about. Anyway, there I was on a […]

Dinner at Bayleaf Intramuros

I love Old Manila!  I used to think I was born in the wrong period and I should have been contemporaries with Maria Clara.  We would have been BFFs and probably be part of the “in” circle.  I like the houses, the cobble-stoned roads, the language and even the food (which I’m guessing would be […]

The Cafe at Hyatt

I’m a big fan of buffets.  As in.  I love being offered a wide range of selection but getting only a bit of what I like.  That’s why when we had a meeting a couple of weeks back, we’re glad we had them at Hyatt Cafe, Hyatt City of Dreams. The place is busy but […]

Zoo Trip

There are places in the metro that we try to visit again, this time with our darling bub.  One place that we revisited one lazy afternoon was Manila Zoo.  It is home to about a thousand animals from 90 species (source). We last visited the zoo around 3 years ago with just 1 kid in […]

Manila Bay Sunset Cruise

To celebrate my sister’s birthday, we tried something different.  We went on a sunset cruise along Manila Bay.  I know it sounds ideal for something couples will do, but surprisingly, my kids loved it too! The terminal is at the CCP Complex, beside the Coconut Palace.  When we were still dating, we used to come […]