Pre-school’s over!  Yes, and the lil girl and I are both experiencing separation anxiety!  I can’t believe it had been 4 years already since I accompanied my daughter to inquire about toddler class.  I can still remember details of that day and her first day in play school.  Sigh.  Now she’s off to big school […]

Fun Time at Lil Girl’s Field Trip

The lil girl and I had a chance to bond and spend 1 whole day together in her school’s field trip.  In short, I was her chaperon. 🙂 I don’t know who’s more excited between us because I also had a hard time sleeping the night before.  Maybe it’s because I was very conscious of […]

End of Summer Swimming

This is our lil girl’s last year in pre-school.  Ako yata and her classmates’ parents ang may separation anxiety dahil to be honest and surprisingly, we became friends as well.  Pati mga lolas and yayas get along well. When we had our Parents’ Orientation a couple of days back, nagkayayaan to hold a swimming party […]

Moving Up

When I was pregnant, my only prayer was to have a normal, healthy baby.  After I gave birth, my prayer was and continues to be for my ‘lil girl to be free from harm.  Especially so when she started going to school. Because as those who have met Lian know, she’s a bit clumsy; or […]

Field Trip

I was as excited as my ‘lil girl last week because it’s her first school field trip!  We were up really early for a full day of fun, sightseeing and learning.  Too bad it was marred by a freaky incident which I’ll share with you in another post. What I like about going with Lian […]