My Summer Travels

The past summer was busy with quite a number of trips within and outside the country.  It’s like every 2 weeks, I was on a plane to somewhere.  In a way I kind of missed that.  I just realized that I love riding planes, even if I don’t like the feeling of being in an […]

Singapore Quickie

A couple of days ago, I had a very quick trip to Singapore for work.  It was super short that I stayed in the hotel less than 12 hours.  Most of the time, we were out for meetings. But anyhow, I still managed to take some shots and did a bit of shopping (not for […]

CEB Adopts “Mindanao”

I am happy that the company I worked for believe in education and saving the environment.  I am happier that I get to represent Cebu Pacific in this advocacy. I think I’ve shared here in the blog about our partnership with WWF-Philippines where we support programs to mitigate climate change and get climate adaptation programs […]

Another Google Quiz Night

Yes, I’m a nerd…embarrassingly so 🙂  I was the type who would hang out in the library during long breaks to read, instead of go out with my friends to watch a movie (although if it’s a basketball game, I’d gamely cut classes).  I’m also a sucker for quiz contests etc. which still excites me […]

KidZania Manila Mania

It was a Sunday well-spent!  The fam bam went to the newly-opened KidZania Manila at Park Triangle, BGC.  Since it was a weekend, there were 2 shifts for the day.  We took the morning shift to avoid the maddening crowd and be able to park comfortably at the building basement. Upon entering the building, what […]