So Long Black Mamba

It was with a heavy heart that I’m typing this. I’m grieving for someone, not family, not a friend, one who doesn’t even know I exist…but made an impact in my life, without him knowing it. Kobe Bean Bryant was born the same year I was. I first learned about him in 1996 when he […]

Keepin’ the Animo Alive

When I was in college, I rarely missed a men’s basketball game.  Don’t tell but I would even cut classes (yes, I was a rebel – that’s my only vice) just to watch a game in Araneta.  But mind you, my dad was supportive.  He would meet me in Araneta, and together with my Uncle, […]

Animo La Salle

Yes, it’s another overdue post because DLSU is now out of the running in UAAP men’s basketball.  Good thing I was able to watch at least 1 game at the Arena before they bid goodbye to this season. Thank you Mito for getting me a really nice shirt and really nice seats! 🙂 My sister […]

Laban Pilipinas

By this time, Gilas Pilipinas has a 0-3 record. They started their journey last Saturday, 30 August, PH time with a game against Croatia (#16 FIBA).  They put up a really good fight, which led to an overtime.  Imagine that!  Actually they had a chance to win that one in regulation but Jason Castro held […]

Things I’m Loving Now

It’s already May!  I can’t believe that we’re almost halfway to 2014 already.  Ang bilis ng panahon!  Same time last year I was not pregnant yet, Lian was busy attending her ballet classes and we all had nights of restful sleep hehe Now, I’m (almost) back to my pre-pregnancy weight, Lian had moved on from […]