Keepin’ the Animo Alive

When I was in college, I rarely missed a men’s basketball game.  Don’t tell but I would even cut classes (yes, I was a rebel – that’s my only vice) just to watch a game in Araneta.  But mind you, my dad was supportive.  He would meet me in Araneta, and together with my Uncle, we will watch the game.  There was no MRT then (yes, I’m that old) so I would either take a cab or hitch a ride with some schoolmates then meet my folks so I’ll have a ride home.

Life happened so in the years after college, the exact opposite happened – I rarely watched a game!

Enter UAAP Season 80 and one of my sisters (who has like a season’s pass…kidding) got me/ us to watch with her.  When I say us, I mean the whole bunch – my other sister, hubby and 2 kids.  We’ve watched 3 games as a group so far and we had a blast.  Of course because DLSU won in all games 🙂

The biggest surprise for me is that my daughter who has never expressed interest in basketball is suddenly very excited.  We’ve tried bringing her to PBA games before so I know her level of “excitement”.  She’s now always on the go and has watched more games than me.  She knows the players and researches about them.  Don’t get me wrong because I’m definitely happy in this turn of events but I can’t help but wonder what also brought the change of heart.  Hmm…and then it clicked!  I think it’s because of one of the players.  Why am I not surprised?! It sounded/ looked so familiar.  I can so totally relate!  I was once like her too.

Anyway, here are some pics from our adventures –

And the lil boy is also having a ball!  He’s already claiming he’ll be a Green Archer by 2032.  🙂

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