GRC Photoshoot

Just last year I joined a car club exclusive for girls.  I have been wanting to join since I first had a car, but only got the guts to join when hubby’s co-member (he’s also a member of another club), invited me to join Girl Racers Club.

Girl Racers Club or GRC, is the first all-female car enthusiasts club in the Philippines.   It was founded in 2005 by sis Rusmine (01) and sis Rowie (08).  To join this exclusive club is no easy feat – one has to attend GTs or assemblies held monthly, have your card vouched by members and signed by officers, within a span of a year.  I was able to complete mine in 8 months!

What I like about the group is the instant sisterhood.  I found new friends who share my passion and interest.  Although we don’t get to meet regularly because of schedule, we make it a point to still keep tabs on each other.

One of these meet-ups is when we held a photoshoot in time for GRC’s 12th anniversary. It was held in Centris steel parking.  We took advantage of the early morning sun and had our photographer friends come by and help us out.  Here are the shots from that Saturday morning – from our official photographer and from our friends’ cameras.

Join, ask us how!

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2 thoughts on “GRC Photoshoot

  1. Honey guillermo

    How to be part of GRC?

    • Apple

      Please send a DM to the GRC FB page 🙂

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