Steak at Marciano’s

I’m digging up old photos to have a catch-up on the things I’ve been busy with the past months.  And I stumbled across this – my post-birthday dinner with my food buddies, Kat and Nesty at Marciano’s Greenbelt.

I had a very busy birthday at work and didn’t really celebrate.  No fuss at all.  I just felt it was my birthday when I got home and there’s cake waiting for me, and my kids jumping up and down because they can already blow the candle.  After that, I passed out.  Knocked out because of tiredness.

So the following day, my “perfect circle” cajoled me to dining out.  No specific plans but just find a resto in Greenbelt which will catch our fancy. Then we stumbled to Marciano’s.  I’ve seen the place before but have never tried their food. So it was really a surprise because I loved their steak!!!

Let me photo blog as there are no words to express how happy I was for that quick dinner with people I love to hang out with, eating one of my fave foods in the world.

Thank you guys for cheering me up!  Love yah!!!

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