2nd Stop: Coastal Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung is the 2nd stop in our voyage.  I was expecting a chilly weather so I kind of bundled up everyone, but because of it being close to the beach, it’s warm!

We booked for the city tour as it’s everyone’s first time to the city.  The little boy was acting up in our tourist bus, and was crying nonstop until we reached the local restaurant where we had to take lunch.  Lunch was a really bad experience as our group of 7 had to split up due to limited number of allocated tables.  That particular experience turned us off already and our temper got the best of us.  Because of that, we didn’t have any decent photo of lunch and the restaurant where we had authentic Taiwanese food.  Actually, our guide said somebody took up our space and sat on our table.

Good thing after lunch the little boy’s mood improved and we were able to visit Fo Guang Shan Monastery.  It was a long walk from the drop-off point up to the statue of Buddha.  I must say that if it wasn’t for me carrying and trying to entertain the little boy, it could have been one of my fave temples.  But since in the middle of the path, the little boy slept on me, I had no choice but to stop and just relax by the shade.  Which is still a cool thing as I just people-watched 🙂

After getting a quick bite of egg tarts in one of the kiosks inside the boutique store, we toured the city of Kaohsiung.  The guide brought us to the Love River where we had a quick stop.  Again, I decided to stay since the little boy is still sleeping.  He slept for like a solid 3 hours!  I had no choice but to relive the part of the tour through pictures lovingly taken by my daughter 🙂

The last stop for the day was the Pier-2 Art Centre.  The kids loved this place especially since we were able to sneak in a ride at the Takao Railway Museum.  The place is huge and they had fun running around!  I wished we could have spent more time here as I would have loved to look at the art installations some more.  But because we have time to beat, we just maximized the remaining time we had.

Then off to the ship again we go and tried to squeeze in kiddie activities before retiring for the night.  The kids attended a costume party and played some games.  However, because it wasn’t really smooth sailing that night, the little boy didn’t feel well so we called it a night and didn’t finish the party 🙁

Next stop:  My favorite – Hong Kong!!!

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