I’m GRC56!

Only a handful know that I’m fond of cars.  I guess it’s something most people don’t expect from a nerd like me.  But yes, I like cars and get excited at the sight of nice, fast cars.  I loved the Fast & Furious movies the same way I loved the Harry Potter series. 🙂

So when I was encouraged by my hubby to join an all-girl car club, I immediately said yes.  That was April of this year.  Fast track to last weekend – I am now officially a bonafide member of the Girl Racers Club Inc. or GRC.  It is the first all-female car club in the Philippines, since 2005.  Gosh, if I only knew of its existence then, I could have been a member earlier.  But better late than never, right?

With the club, I forged new friendships and experienced new adventures.  What started as just a club I’m interested to join in, it became my refuge outside work and now it’s family – a sisterhood.

Here are some photos from the get-togethers I’ve attended with my new sisters.








Some pics were taken by me, others were grabbed from the GRC FB  page.

And just last weekend, I graduated!  It was the club’s Christmas party too!  Sharing with you some pics from the fun grad party 🙂

img_5564 img_5596 img_9809

I’m thankful that I’ve found this club and these girls.  They are my sisters, as we share not only passion for cars but zest for life in general.  A monthly get-together is never enough for swapping stories, hanging out etc.  Here’s to many more years in GRC!


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