My ‘Lil Gymnast

“Great things start from small beginnings…”oh yes, I can hear the classic Milo ad jingle whenever I see my lil girl dressed up in her gymnastics suit.  My lil girl who had always been very girly-girly and interested in cartwheels finally took up gymnastics as part of her school curriculum (GIFT program) last year.  Then she continued on during summer and this school year.  And what a year it has been!  I saw how greatly she had improved in her skills, techniques (no more bent knees etc) and more importantly, in the way she handles her studies.  There’s really discipline in sports.


I was a bit hesitant when she expressed her intent to take up gymnastics for school.  For one, she has no background at all in that field. And there are other options which I feel are more suited for her (aka she’ll get higher grades in those fields) like piano, ballet as she took those up in summers past.  But she was stubborn and really insisted to take up gymnastics, so I had no choice but to give my consent.

The first few weeks into it, I saw how she struggled.  She’d come home really spent and tired.  I know she’s yearning to verbalize the aches and pains but can’t because she’ll hear a lot from me (mean mom…tough love).  Then the following months, she’s starting to pick up her A-game and she’s having fun and making friends.  That’s why even after school ended, she made sure she’ll have gymnastics classes over the summer.  She had fun in her summer classes because she was joined by a friend (who happened to be the daughter of my schoolmate from kinder to college) and had more fun when they had their group competition (sort of a recital participated in by all Club Gymnastica clinics).


Sadly, I missed this as I was on a flight to France that time.  But hubby made sure I was updated with photos, videos etc.  It felt like I was there with them, but nothing beats the real thing…that’s why I made sure I was around during her first individual gymnastics meet.


She did well in all 4 events – 3 golds (floor-her fave, bars, vault) and 1 silver (beam) but failed to get in the Top 6 overall.


Then they were invited to an international meet in Hong Kong.  I was, I think looking back, the more excited one because the trip would mean the lil boy will also go and visit Disneyland 🙂


We’ve been to Hong Kong quite a few times as a family but since it’s the lil boy’s first trip, everyone must go and Disneyland is a must-visit. We started the weekend early with a Friday afternoon flight.  We had to because there’s gymnastics practice on Saturday morning.  The actual meet was on a Sunday.  Since we know that we only had a short trip, we decided to go to Disneyland at once, which I’ll share with you in another post.

Back to gymnastics, her hands were clammy and I can feel that’s she’s nervous for her first international meet.  Our only agreement was she do her best, try to bring home at least 1 medal so she can pursue her sport and join other international competitions.  She started the day on the beam (her not-so fave because her legs wobbled during practice the day before) then floor, vault and bars.  She knew she did well on floor and didn’t on the vault so when it’s time for awarding…she was super surprised that she also got gold in bars!  There was a medal haul as she got gold in both bars and floor, bronze in beam and none at vault.  But the biggest surprise was she got in the Top 6 overall.


It was a tiring but rewarding trip.  I’ve never seen her that happy in her entire life.  It’s really hard work, patience and perseverance.  Her strong finish was a testament to my lil girl’s discipline both in training and in her studies.  We are soooo proud of her!

I’d also like to thank her coaches – Jane, George, Reign, Japhet, Jerome and Ariel for guiding her and helping her fulfill her dreams.  On to the next meet! (which is sooner rather than later….haist) 🙂

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