Eating the French Way in Toulouse

The French do know their food very well!  That’s why I was very happy to eat my way in France.  On our first full day, our hosts brought us to the idyllic town of Montauban.


We went to this French country restaurant owned by Michelin-starred Chef Christian Constant named Bistro Constant.  If I understood my French colleagues correctly, this is his first resto built in the town where he grew up in.



They did the ordering for us so I shall just photo blog my way here since everything, as in everything, were Instagram-able 🙂

IMG_7588 IMG_7592

IMG_7590 IMG_7591 IMG_7593

For dinner, we can’t get enough of French cuisine so we again went to Chef Christian Constant’s restaurant in Toulouse near the Capitole.


Here are some of my orders –

IMG_7599 IMG_7601

The next day for lunch, we went for Italian and had pizza and pasta in Montauban city center.  Since we’re famished, I wasn’t able to take photos of our orders.  Pity.  But here’s on their menu.


Then for dinner, we met up with some of the Airbus guys for Spanish cuisine – tapos and drinks.  Again, no photos because we enjoyed the conversation so much, and the drinking.  Truth be told, I was a little buzzed going back to the hotel that night.

T’was a wonderful gastronomic experience dining the French way! 🙂

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