Pangasinan Overnight

I’m sooo catching up with my posts.  Since I had been extremely busy with work (still is!), I found out that I have not even shared our Pangasinan trip over the Christmas holidays.  Yes, that’s how backlogged I am!  I really thought I’ve told you that during the break and while all of my hubbies’ siblings were in town, we went for an overnight trip to their province to visit Nanay.

It wasn’t really a planned outing so we spent most of the 1st day on the road.  We got to Pangasinan close to dinner time.  We turned in early so we can catch the sunrise the following day.



IMG_2955We had the beach for ourselves when we woke up the next day but it also filled up quite fast towards lunch.  Mostly with locals spending the last day of the year by the beach.

Pangasinan sand is grey but the water is glorious at the West Philippine Sea.  Both kids and adults had fun swimming even for a short time as we’re heading back to Manila in the afternoon.


It was a quick but happy trip as my hubby’s family was able to spend a couple of hours with Nanay. Overjoyed would be an understatement because Nanay was genuinely surprised to see her apos and great-grandchildren in her house.  Actually, that’s the main reason why we pushed through with the trip.  We really wanted to see her!  In years past, it was always Nanay who would come to Manila to visit us.  But due to her being a bit weak the past months, visiting Manila had been difficult.

That’s also why instead of crashing in her place, we opted to stay in one of the resorts along the main road with access to the beach.  Don’t expect a 5-star resort though.  It was one of those places you’ll choose because you need a place to stay for the night.  We got 1 room with 2 beds and since we checked-in late and checked-out early, they allowed all of us to occupy just a room.  Imagine about 8 adults and 3 kids in a room! 🙂


Nevertheless, it was a perfect way to end the year 2015…with family.  Couldn’t dream of spending it with anyone else.


Pobletin Beach Resort

Macalang, Dasol,

Eguia, Pangasinan

Tel. No. +63920 604 4015






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