Paris Attacks

Of course by now, everyone would have known what happened last November 13, 2015 in Paris.  There were terrorist attacks on multiple sites in the city, where about 130 people died and many more injured.  Most of the terrorists used belts to self-explode while 1 suspected gunman is still on the loose.

I have a hard time writing this kind of posts because, as much as possible, I’d like to keep my blog easy, funny, happy.  I thought of writing about terrorism in January when the Charlie Hebdo office was attacked but never got to write down my take on it.  In fact, writing this now is still difficult for me, so I’ll just share a video of an interview with the Eagles of Death Metal, the band playing at the Bataclan concert hall when terrorists stormed inside and slaughtered 89 of their fans.  I’ve been thinking a lot about these guys after the attack.  I never heard of them as I’m not a fan of heavy metal, rock etc but for some reason, they kept me awake while I watch the news on CNN.  I thought of – what happened to them, what did they see, how did they escape etc (the only news about them that I saw after the attack was that they were safe and they’re on their way back to US a day after), because if there’s anyone who could have a clear picture of those terrorists, it would have been them as they were on stage facing the doors from where the gunmen came in.

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