Every year, I try to have myself completely checked.  I go for an executive check-up either at MMC or at the nearest accredited clinic from my place.  This year, I opted to go for an overnight hospital stay and get a more extensive health check up at Makati Medical Center.

Since it’s my first time to avail an overnighter, I was surprised and impressed with the Health Hub facilities/ amenities.

I checked in after lunch (parang hotel lang), then my “itinerary” for my 2-day stay was explained to me.  All the xrays/ ultrasounds were done that same afternoon and I was finished before dinner.  I had a relaxing, early night as I was expecting to be woken up early morning for my cleansing tests.

IMG_1917 IMG_1922 IMG_1923

And I was correct, my 2nd day started at 4AM.  After the bloodworks, I had a quick breakfast before heading to the doctors’ consultations.  I was finished before lunch but decided to stay a few more minutes to savor my sort of “me” time.  It was a bit difficult for me to leave as I really liked the room and the privacy it gave me.

If you would like to have yourself checked, please visit Makati Medical Center.

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