Alagang Vicks

Growing up – colds, cough, difficulty in breathing, mosquito bite even just an ant bite, all these would need a wee touch of Vicks vaporub. Sometimes applied directly with soothing hands on my throat and chest when I’m having a fit of cough or mixed with water when I can’t breathe due to colds.

I can still remember the smell of menthol as I unscrew the cap.  The smell of childhood.


Fast forward to today, me with 2 kids of my own.  They are also growing up with Vicks.  If they feel colicky and their tummy aches, they know that all they have to do is grab a Vicks and rub it on their tummy.  Never fails.

That’s why I’m over the moon when I saw this at our doorstep.


More so when I opened to reveal this package of goods –


Now, I know that my kids will continue to be covered just like I was am covered.  Actually, the whole family will be covered.  The inhaler for sure will go to hubby.  The candies we will share.  The syrup and tumbler will go to my nieces.  The lil box, which I learned were tea bags will definitely go to my sisters.


Iba talaga pag laking Vicks 🙂


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