Canyon Cove Weekend

Oh, I just realized I haven’t shared with you our weekend at Canyon Cove in Batangas.  It was our first time to visit the resort, and we’re pleasantly surprised to bathe in the glorious view of the sea and majestic main building of the resort.


We checked in mid-afternoon and headed straight to the beach.


After having our fill of the sand, we dipped in their oh-so-child-friendly pools.  I love that they have separate pools for toddlers, kids and adults. Of course, we hung out at the shallow pools.

IMG_4525Since we had an early lunch at Tagaytay, we decided to have an early dinner too at the resort’s restaurant – Max’s!  Yes, the resort doesn’t exactly have their own managed-resto.  Max’s put up a “branch” there.  In a way, I’m relieved since that meant we know what we’re going to eat and the kids will be eating something familiar to them.  They also serve breakfast (not sure if the regular Max’s does too).


The following day, we hit the beach again and stayed there until we’re roasted toasted.


It was a sweet quick escape from the metro I would want to definitely do again.  Canyon Cove is a great place to enjoy a stress-free weekend. For starters, it is just about 2 hours away from our place passing through Tagaytay.  An easy drive dotted with many dining choices.  Then the place has a kiddie playroom (which we forgot to visit), game room/ bar with billiard table, spa (which I passed up on), playground etc.  And the ultimate plus side for me – spacious room!!!  We got a room with twin beds plus daybed – very big place for the kids to play around.  The bathroom also has a tub and a shower stall.

IMG_1774 IMG_1787

IMG_1771 IMG_1772

Canyon Cove

Far East Road, Piloto Wawa

Nasugbu, Batangas

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