Another Google Quiz Night

Yes, I’m a nerd…embarrassingly so 🙂  I was the type who would hang out in the library during long breaks to read, instead of go out with my friends to watch a movie (although if it’s a basketball game, I’d gamely cut classes).  I’m also a sucker for quiz contests etc. which still excites me up to now even when I;m no longer in school.  Just now, it comes in the form of quiz nights.

My first taste of quiz night was when we joined the Google Quiz Night last year.  We placed 4th so we made a pact to do better this year…and we did!  We placed 2nd 🙂

Here are some shots from that very competitive night – from sober to not-sober-anymore

IMG_1554 IMG_1556 IMG_1557

IMG_1558 IMG_1594

IMG_1565 IMG_1573 IMG_1589 IMG_1597 IMG_1604

Let me just end the post as the other photos are…a bit incriminating hahaha.

Cheers, geeks!

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