The Cafe at Hyatt

I’m a big fan of buffets.  As in.  I love being offered a wide range of selection but getting only a bit of what I like.  That’s why when we had a meeting a couple of weeks back, we’re glad we had them at Hyatt Cafe, Hyatt City of Dreams.

The place is busy but elegant.  It still gives you the privacy you like when dining.


I won’t write much but would let the photos do the talking.  Their selection is a bit limited compared to the other buffet places but all (well, all those I’ve tried) were really, really good.  The food was grouped into methods of cooking instead of the usual per cuisine.

IMG_4377 IMG_4378 IMG_4379 IMG_4380 IMG_4381 IMG_4382 IMG_4383 IMG_4386 IMG_4387 IMG_4388

What made it even more amazing is that they have a featured food per period.  The time we were there, they featured Szechuan cuisine – spicy!


Their dessert table is also to die for.

IMG_4389 IMG_4390 IMG_4391

Oh well, just head on over to Hyatt Cafe.  Their prices are very reasonable too.

Hyatt Cafe

Hyatt City of Dreams

Tel. No. (+632) 691-1234 / (+632) 800-8080


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