Mommies Unite!

Remember my worry and anxiety when the lil girl was about to move to big school?  That of not meeting cool parents I’ll bond and make chika with?  Gone!  I met wonderful and amazing moms when I said yes to being one of the parent reps in Lian’s class.  I’m happy that there were old-timers in the batch (parents of old students) mixed with new ones like us.  Everyone’s fun to be with and meetings felt like chika sessions with old friends.

Here are some photos from our meetings –

IMG_3877 IMG_3902

A couple of days back we also attended our oath taking together with the student reps.  The lil girl was voted as their class rep so we got to see each other.

IMG_1291 IMG_1293

IMG_1296 IMG_1308 IMG_1309

After serious moments in school, we can’t seem to have enough of each other so we went for a quick coffee run.



Ahh…hope to hang out again with them soon.


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2 thoughts on “Mommies Unite!

  1. You all look fabulous mommies! That’s a great group to be in .
    Hope you follow me too on my blog. I just discovered your blog.. Will visit more often.

    • Apple

      Thanks Gracina! Will check yours too.

      Happy reading!

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