Reunion (of sorts) with 5J Friends

I’ve always said that one of the happiest moments of my working life was when I was working alongside the funny, crazy people of the Marketing team circa 2001-2003.  Can’t believe it’s been more than 10 years already, it seems like it was just yesterday when we’re pulling pranks and making each other cry because of laughter.

Anyway, a bunch from that team are already based in the US.  They just come for a visit every now and then, which was what happened when our good friend, Ren came to celebrate her daughter Elli’s 7th birthday here in the Philippines.  You can see that it was definitely a family affair as they too are over the moon to see Ren’s family.


It was held at Jollibee, BGC and what fun to see their party staff, party.  They were a joy to watch while they host and dance.

IMG_3764 IMG_3765

There were games as well that the kids enjoyed…I know mine did.

IMG_3785 IMG_3798

But the biggest scene-stealer was Jollibee! Our darling boy can’t contain his excitement and glee over seeing his fave in the flesh or should I say, on costume?!


He bugged me to bring him in front and he can’t take his eyes off Jollibee.


Then the growing family shot


with just us and our 2nds


Blessie’s unica hija with mine.  These 2 are totally opposite but they love hanging out together.


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