St. Luke’s Medical Center, BGC

If you’ve been following this blog for a time already, you would know that my and my family’s go-to hospital is Makati Medical Center. However, due to an incident a couple of days back that require extreme emergency treatment, we had to go to the nearest hospital – St. Luke’s Medical Center in BGC.

Of course, you’ve heard that its lobby can rival any hotel, right?  You might have also heard about its exorbitant rates.  But the thing is, at St. Luke’s, you don’t get shortchanged.  Yes, the rates may be a bit higher than usual but it’s because rooms are huge.  We were given a small private but floor space is bigger than small privates of other hospitals.  It also comes with a TV, sofa and ref.  The CR is also spacious.

Here are some photos of our room –

IMG_3573 IMG_3575 IMG_3576


They also use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced medical practices.  It was my first time to see usage of a device to find veins.  This is very helpful so that you won’t get poked, then veins will collapse during blood extraction.

Also, everything looks and smells new (the areas I’ve been to anyway).  Since there’s perception of high prices, the hospital is not too crowded.  You get to enjoy the peace and quiet, and you get to have a room at once.  It’s unlike the others where you have to wait for an available room almost the whole day.

If there’s something I think they need to improve on is their triage (again, I’m only giving feedback on areas I’ve been to). The first time we went to the ER, they were very fast and we were given attention immediately – it’s because my lil boy’s bleeding.  But the 2nd time we went to the ER, for the resident doctor to check on the suture, we had to wait a good 15 minutes before we were accommodated because there’s only 1 nurse screening the patients.  Also, since there’s no number, someone jumped the line.

All in all, our experience so far at St. Luke’s Global is very satisfactory.  I like the doctors, you can talk/ text/ call them anytime (our doctors anyway), the nurses are polite and friendly and even the secretaries are not grumpy.


St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City

32nd St. Bonifacio Global City

Taguig City

Tel. No. (+632) 789.7700

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