Weekend in Subic

Before summer’s over, we hit the beach one last time.  Since we’d like to enjoy both the waters and some sights, we decided to spend a weekend in Subic.  It wasn’t really a far-off choice since we’ve been to Subic a lot of times already but it’s our first time to stay in Camayan Resort…and our first time to bring the darling bub to Ocean Adventure.


Our weekend started late since I had a school orientation to attend to in the morning.  We reached Subic mid-afternoon, which is in a way better because the sun’s no longer scorching.  The kids had fun in the water and on the shore.



We turned in a bit early that night, right after dinner (well not too early) as I want to squeeze in some massage time.  Camayan Resort has a spa facility. It’s just a bummer that they only have 3 therapists and it’s only open 2PM until 10PM.

IMG_2936 IMG_2937 IMG_2939

The following day, the kids had an early start as they want to get a lot of Vitamin Sea 🙂  But when the sun started to become too hot to handle, they insisted on going to Ocean Adventure, which is just next door.

We caught a couple of shows that made the kids shout with glee.  Just a bit disappointing that it rained during the dolphin show.  Then, the sun shone again when we’re watching the sea lion show.  Because of the unpredictable weather, we decided to head back to Manila earlier. We didn’t finish the day’s shows anymore as we don’t want to get sick (the lil girl caught a flu virus still a few days after).

IMG_3027 IMG_3034




IMG_3082 IMG_3084


IMG_3115 IMG_3116


It was a tiring but happy weekend at the beach.  Just right for summer’s last hurrah.


Camayan Beach Resort

Subic Bay

Tel. No.: (+6347) 252.8000

Email: reservation@camayanbeachresort.com


Ocean Adventure

Subic Bay

Tel. No.: (+6347) 252.9000

Email: info@oceanadventure.com.ph

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