Flores de Maria Tradition

Our town Pateros even if part of the metro, is still provincial-like in many ways.  Before, this used to get to me since it’s like my life is for all to know since everybody seems to know everybody.  When I get older, it’s only then I realized how important a small town dynamics is and how important for us to uphold our traditions.

One town tradition that I hope won’t go out of style is the Santacruzan capped off by the Flores de Maria/ Mayo.  During the weekends of May, every barrio/ barangay in our town gets to hold its Santacruzan.  Lovely girls as young as 3 gets to join the procession decked in gowns. During my heyday, I get to be a “sagala” every year, sometimes more than once for different barangays.  The month’s Santacruzan is brought to an end by the “Flores” which is usually hosted by the parish and held on the last Sunday of the month, and is the most prestigious of all processions.  When you’re a sagala at the Flores, it’s like a signal that you’ve made it since only a handful or the prettiest gets to be included.

The lil girl was able to be a sagala when she was about 2.5 years old in a barangay procession.


Then this year, she joined the morning Flores.  This one’s intended for little girls.  And usually the “reyna” in the morning is the only one invited to join the evening procession intended for the big ones.

Here are some snaps from that sunny Sunday morning.

IMG_2756 IMG_2766 IMG_2775 IMG_2782 IMG_2792


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