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Last Sunday, the lil girl experienced Kidzania at a pop-up event held in Glorietta.  It served as a teaser for the much-awaited opening of Kidzania at BGC.

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We got there a bit earlier than our 2PM slot but immediately fell in line to confirm our registration.


The place was split into 4 main areas – farming, painting, experimenting and baking.


They were first ushered in on stage to color some Kidzania characters.  They were also separated per color/ group so that they go through the different areas with their own group.


The lil’ girl’s first stop was in the planting/ farming area where they were taught to put soil in a pot and put their plant in it.


Then she’s off to the painting section.


After that, they made a potion in the laboratory.


Last stop was a baking session where they put sprinkles on their cookies.


After all the activities were done, the Kidzania characters – Urbano, Beebop, Vita, Chika and Bache came out to do a dance number to the delight of the kids.


It was a fun afternoon for the lil girl.  We’re all excited for the opening of Kidzania!


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