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By this time, the hangover from the “Fight of the Century” has probably died down.  There would still be, of course talks and discussions over the controversial fight.  Personally, I think it was Manny Pacquiao who won.  But then I’m no judge, I’m just an ordinary bystander who watched and cheered alongside the rest of the world for the People’s Champ.

It was a good thing we were able to score tickets to Makati Sports Club for a live coverage with brunch.


The place was packed!

IMG_2494 IMG_2495

The food is okay.


Whenever Manny’s face is flashed on screen, the crowd goes wild.  Feeling live lang 🙂

IMG_2506 IMG_2508 IMG_2510 IMG_2512 IMG_2518

Too bad, the boxing gods didn’t favor him that day, even if Floyd only ran and hugged him inside the ring, he still won the fight.  So he’s still undefeated and has like 5 titles/ belts from different divisions.  Eh di wow! Sya na!

IMG_2517 IMG_2520

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