Getting Down and Dirty at Taal Lake

Boating at Taal Lake has been in our bucket list since when when hubby and I were still dating.  For some reason, we never got around to doing it. There’s always next time na lang, or it’s dangerous to do it with kids in tow etc. That’s why I never thought a trip to Taal Lake will come true…but it did, in the most unexpected way.

Our resort sits on top of a mountain with a view of Mt. Maculot and overlooking Taal Lake.  You can actually catch a glimpse of the volcano and you can see the buildings and lights of Tagaytay City across the lake.  So while checking in, just a random question, we asked if we can swim at the lake.  They told us that we can but it’s a bit of a walk down the mountain.  Hmm…that’s fine with us.  Hubby and I have been in quite a number of trips which involve trekking to go to the falls, caves etc so should be easy…not.

We went down a steep mountain called “Lawit Dila” for about 15-20 minutes.  There’s a trail one can follow but for someone like me who’s wearing flip flops and was not prepared to do this, the trek was a challenge.  What made it riskier was that we had our lil girl with us.  But I shouldn’t have worried much because she’s a trooper!  She gamely scaled down and up the mountain.

IMG_2477 IMG_2480


When we reached our destination, it was definitely worth it!  It was a check off our bucket list.






Thanks to Joel, our guide from the hotel for making it a “fun-ny” experience for us. Just ask the lil girl what made it funny 🙂

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