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They said that as soon as a baby turns 1, you should have his/ her hair cut.  Well, we didn’t exactly follow that with the lil girl so when it’s darling bub’s turn, we had his hair cut just a couple of weeks back.

We wanted the whole shebang of having hair lock, 1st haircut certificate, before and after photos etc so we decided to try Peppermint Kids and Grownups Hair and Nail Salon at SM Aura.  It was our first time to try this salon as we used to bring the lil girl at Kid’s Hair Salon.

Anyway, we brought him to the salon.  I must say the place looks nice, complete with toys, TV and other play things that would distract kids and keep them occupied.

IMG_2236 IMG_2237 IMG_2238 IMG_2239

They also have a cozy area for older kids who would want to go for a nail spa or mani and pedi.  Of course, the lil girl immediately liked this place.


For intimate gatherings, they also have a special room (which was closed at that time so I wasn’t able to take photos).  This would be good for small sparties and the like.


However, even with the presence of all these, our boy still was restless and difficult.  He got afraid of the razor and wouldn’t want the barber to touch him.  He was crying, flailing his arms and twisting his body just to avoid the razor.  I’m not sure if using a razor is usual practice for boys his age, but man, I would be scared too.  It was a fail for me that the barber wasn’t “carinoso” to my son, or that he didn’t try to use a comb to section the hair so that the razor won’t touch my son’s head.  He could have used scissors too.  The only good thing was that since it wasn’t a good cut, he asked us to come back so he can do a retouch.


We came back after a few hours and the result was the same.  My darling boy started crying when he saw the place.  So even if there’s a standing offer to come back any time to have his cut fixed, I didn’t bother to bring him back anymore.  Instead I brought him to my local hairstylist Joella.  I say local because her salon is about 4 houses away from us.  She’s my go-to hairstylist for trim and treatments.  She was able to chop off my son’s hair in 10 minutes without a fuss.  She just kept on talking to him, dancing in front of him and making him laugh.  It was a success!

Maybe Peppermint Salon would work for bigger kids who would enjoy sitting on a plane or a car with a TV on in front of him/ her and an array of toys at his/ her disposal. It just didn’t work for my son.


Peppermint Kids and Grownups Hair and Nail Salon

Basement 1, SM Aura

BGC, Taguig City

Tel. No. +632-553.3597

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