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I can’t believe the we’ve turned 19 years old already…and I’ve been “technically” part of the company for 16 years, but officially or in paper, just 10 years.  It’s quite a story I’ll save for some other post.

For now, let me share with you how we celebrated it.


Of course, there was the much-talked about department presentations.  I guess in any company, this is something that you pour your heart and soul into.  In Filipino slang, career kung career talaga!

The contest theme was CEB Musical.  So our division decided to perform a la Pitch Perfect. Goodness, there are just so many talented individuals.  As in!  Since we want to showcase those talents to the fullest, a group was assigned to open the performance with an a capella version of Cups followed by a mash up of Uptown Funk and Lips Are Movin.  Then the dance showdown and to end with rap and dance of No Diggity.

What’s nice about the whole performance was that it was participated in even by the bosses.  We had our VP sing in the opening, a couple of directors danced and everybody from 4 different sections just had a grand university-inspired number.

The team gave their best but the judges thought otherwise and didn’t give us any podium finish. Sigh. Oh well, you know that I’m not the type to rant and complain, but really, not winning sucks! Especially because, and this is done in all modesty, I know that our team stayed true to the theme of the party – musical!

I concede that the 1st placer did something similar to us, and yes I do think they deserve to place.  The other 2 did a cheer dance number and song (lip sync) and dance number, respectively.  I have nothing against cheer dancing (I joined a couple before) but that’s not the party’s theme.  If it was, then we would…not have joined hahaha. Also, there was a department who rarely joined but made a really good number because they performed a la Guns ‘n Roses.  Sadly, they also didn’t place.

It was a fun night marred with frustration because it ended in a very unexpected way – a loss.

But still looking at it on the bright side, the rehearsals every night and the meetings brought the 4 sections closer together.  It created a bond that’s not easily replaceable.

So, moral of the story – look for appropriate judges! Lol.  Seriously, my takeaway is this – it sucks to lose but knowing that you did your best and learning that other people thought too that you should win make up for it.


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