Hello Kitty Party at Shakey’s

Oh gosh!  This is a super late post as it got buried in my draft folder.  Sorry about that. Hope the cuteness of the occasion makes up for it.

A few weeks back, we attended a birthday party of a good friend’s daughter.  It was held at Shakey’s near our place and the theme was Hello Kitty.  Just perfect for the sweet baby girl.


If you remember from dozens of posts back, I shared that I was pregnant at the same time 2 of my childhood friends were also.  Eina (the birthday girl), is the daughter of Rhon, who gave birth last in our preggy trio.


It was a fun afternoon as most of the guests were people from our childhood – people we grew up with.


Of course the party won’t be complete without Capt. Shakey’s


and huge pizza!




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