2015 Reading Challenge

Admittedly after having 2 kids, my “me” time had a setback.  It was put at the back burner as I had a gazillion things to attend to.  And the biggest setback for me was my reading time.  I used to read an average of 3 to 4 books a week but now I’d be lucky to read 1 book in 2 weeks!

So this year I took up my colleague’s reading challenge.  Good thing also that my time’s getting flexible as my kids are growing up and I don’t need to wake up very often in the wee hours of the morning.

This is this year’s reading challenge –


I’m happy to say that I’m on track, a bit advanced really but I’m anticipating slowdown during the summer months.  I’m on my 11th book in 7 weeks.

My favorite(s) so far are the young adult books.  They’re light, easy and stress-free to read. They really take you away from your current worries which is the real deal for me.

What about you, what’s your 2015 challenge?

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