Movie: That Thing Called Tadhana

I rarely watch Filipino movies at the cinema…aww hell, I rarely watch movies.  So when I do, I make sure that the movies I watch are those that I have a very strong feeling I will like. That’s the case with the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana“.  I first learned of this movie late last year when I saw this poster via

tadhana-poster-FINAL-27x39inI instantly liked it!  Aside from because the leads are both good-looking, I find the photo very natural.  It gives you the “you’re just hanging out with your best bud” vibe.  So I read about the movie and also instantly liked the plot.

The films asks the questions “Where do broken hearts go?” and tells the story of a woman struggling to meet airline baggage requirements who meets a man who comes to her aid. Both in despair out of love, they form a charming friendship that will take them to Sagada in their attempts to mend each other’s hearts. –

So when February rolled in, my office friends and I just have to watch it asap.  We watched last night at Market! Market!  We were hoping BGC Cinema will carry the movie but I guess they’re more into the Hollywood type.  Even if it’s the last screening for the night, the cinema’s packed.  Just shows that the movie is exciting to watch and that the Filipino audience is now ready for intelligent Filipino movies.

The movie’s fast paced which I appreciated because I hate dragging moments.  Timings per scene and per place (Rome, Manila, Baguio, Sagada) were played out seamlessly.  You get to appreciate the views without taking you away from the story (some movies give you breathtaking views just to veer your attention away from the ugly story line).  The leads – Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman also were perfect for their roles.  It’s like as if they weren’t acting at all.  Of course everyone know Angelica can act – whether drama or comedy, she has proven her acting skills. (I think she even won a Best Actress for this movie).  The real revelation to me was JM.  He held his own against Angelica without losing his boyish charm.


They both gave life to the script written by Antoinette Jadaone (6 Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay, Beauty in a Bottle etc).  The exchange of witty lines between the characters seemed so natural and at many times you can relate to them, to the situation and to what they say.

It also gives a refreshing ending, something that’s not the usual which added to its star points.  All in all, it will make your heart smile.

P.S. But where do broken hearts go?

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