Fun Time at Lil Girl’s Field Trip

The lil girl and I had a chance to bond and spend 1 whole day together in her school’s field trip.  In short, I was her chaperon. 🙂

I don’t know who’s more excited between us because I also had a hard time sleeping the night before.  Maybe it’s because I was very conscious of the time as we need to be at her school very early to be able to get good bus seats.  And we did!

The first stop of the day was in Marikina River Banks.  We visited Philippine Science Centrum.


It’s inside one of the buildings in the complex and one wouldn’t really know it’s there as it’s quite hard to place. But it’s very popular with schools as there were expecting about 4 schools that day.  Good thing we’re first and was there very early.

If your child is the type who enjoys getting a feel of space, how electricity works, how sounds travel etc, then this is the place for you.

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After Marikina, we headed to San Juan to visit Museo ng Katipunan.  It’s a place I would recommend for older kids and not for pre-schoolers like my lil girl.  I think you would have a better appreciation of the museum if you are already familiar with Philippine history particularly during Spanish times.


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Pre-school kids may know Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo by names or as the faces on our currency but they are still too young to understand the relationship and dynamics of the Katipunan.

Then we went to Manila for lunch and afternoon itinerary.  Lunch was at McDonalds where the kids were given a kitchen tour.  Didnt’ get to take photos as only the kids were allowed to go inside.

First stop in the afternoon was MMDA Road Safety Park.  I was surprised that there’s one right across Manila Zoo.  I guess this one’s fairly new.  I like the concept because kids are made aware of road signs in a fun way.  They’re made to pretend they’re cars traversing the metro.


20150130_144104 20150130_145715 20150130_150006

Last stop was at Creative Thinkers in Boom na Boom complex.  Again, I was surprised that there are educational centers in the area.  All along I thought this area just houses a spa. The lil girl said that the place looked almost the same as the place they went to last year.


What I appreciate about the place was the robot room.  It’s something new and kids were entertained 🙂

20150130_163129 20150130_163132 20150130_163133

It was a tiring (believe me as I was dead to the world as soon as I hit the bed) but fun day for both of us.  It’s the lil girl’s last field trip in pre-school and in a sense we’re both experiencing separation anxiety.  Her classmates and their parents are really nice.  I hope she’ll meet really good friends (with good parents) in big school too.

Let’s see.

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