Ahoy Mateys!

My darling bub turned 1 already!  Waaah!  He’s officially a toddler and no longer a baby 🙁 The time just flew out of the window and it felt like everything’s a blur.  For some reason this time around, the 12 months seemed faster.

The party’s theme was Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Well, it’s not really because he likes watching the cartoons but more like because the diva sis decided on it 🙂  I wish I had the time to do DIY again similar to what I did with the lil girl’s 1st birthday party but had so much on my plate the holiday season so I had to ask help from friends.

It was held at Royal Palm Residences Clubhouse.  The place is huge!  I’m thankful that I got a lot of help from a childhood friend, Bing (well technically, she’s the sis of my friend) and her hubby Dustin from Lil Jillie’s Events and Party Planner, who spruced the place up and through them we found a new caterer, Queens Delight Catering, and an energetic host, Iankoy.  Let me do a separate post about her events biz because that deserves a post of its own for they really did an amazing job!


Of course no party of ours is complete without my other childhood friend, PJ of V2 Studio. He takes really good pics so let me do a photo blog soon when I get the photos already.

While I’m still waiting for the official party photos, let me share with you some shots I took of his birthday party.




Our host, Iankoy

Other photos I grabbed from Bing’s FB

Then another party staple, cake from The Luscious Desserts.  Thanks a million Tita Chit!


Happy birthday, my darling Kobe!

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2 thoughts on “Ahoy Mateys!

  1. Very lucky kid! Venue looks awesome!

    • apoloves

      Thanks Jhanis! I think we’re luckier as parents to have a sweet lil boy 🙂

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