Go 2015!

Did I tell you I do not know how to bike? Yes, that’s right.  I missed this crucial lesson when I was a kid.  Actually, passed up on this since all my cousins gave up on teaching me.  I have a problem with balance and…well, vanity. Even when I was a kid (or more so when I was), I didn’t like scrapes on my legs.  Maybe that’s why I failed on bike lessons.

But hey, it’s never too late to start so I accepted hubby’s challenge to take it up now.  Oh well, he tried talking me into it several years back and even built me a bike from scratch but I still didn’t get it.  So now that he got me a spanking new bike, let’s see.



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2 thoughts on “Go 2015!

  1. Good luck!!! You can do it! 🙂

    • apoloves

      Haha…thanks! 🙂

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