The Little Treats Spa

We were blessed to have found a spa that’s perfect to host the lil girl’s celebration.  Weeks before her birthday, she was really torn between throwing a party or going out of the country (that is, Singapore/ Malaysia for Legoland).  Finally, she decided to hold it at The Little Treats.


The spa was closed to the public the entire afternoon (high profile celebrity lang ang peg).


We’ve been going to the spa on and off for quite some time now.  It was previously owned by a high school classmate then when she put up another business, ownership was transferred to another schoolmate, Anneth.  She’s very nice to talk to and accommodating. Planning the whole thing with her was a breeze.  Thank you Anneth!

The interior of the place was relaxing.  It even matched the party’s theme – decked in violet 🙂


IMG_0689Anneth also helped in sourcing the materials for the kids’ activity and giveaway.




Thank you The Little Treats, Anneth and your wonderful staff!

Irish, Ate Susan, Weng and Mau


 The Little Treats

Commercial Unit 2, Villa Gloria Apartelle

Block 5, Lot 5, Estacio Subdivision

Martires del 96, Pateros, M. Mla.

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