Party Season

Christmas season is not a good time to diet with parties left and right.  I never felt so energized and tired at the same time.  I am a social butterfly this year as I’ve been dining and going out with friends and officemates almost every other night.  I guess you could say that I live it up this year.

Here are some snapshots of the different parties I’ve gone to.

Nino’s Despedida/ Christmas get-together
Cebu Pacific’s Classy Christmas Party

The Commercial team held a Rainbow Pride theme – thus the crossdressing 🙂

Onin and me
Ecommerce team and me
With Xander
With Mito
With Marvin
With my kumareng Jenn

Sad that I wasn’t able to come in early at the birthday party of one of my high school friends’ daughters, and wasn’t able to join them for dinner last week.  Good thing I caught up with them for at least 1 photo.

My highschool friends

Team lunch!

Jem, CJ, Shine and Kat
Claude, Onin, me and Gelo


There’s another get-together this week with ex-Cebu Pacific friends because one of our bosses will already retire.

***Didn’t push through with this as traffic was really bad.  We just opted to cross at the regular jaunt to pass time while we wait for traffic to ease up.

My office friends

This year, I’m also taking a Christmas break.  Something I haven’t done in the past couple of years as I continue to report for work.  I’m sooo looking forward to some quiet (I don’t think so) time with family.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. This is just my way of saying…if you don’t hear from me in 2 weeks, you know where I am and what I’m up to.  See you next year!

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