Our New Headquarters

Aside from the business of the season, what kept me moving (literally) was our company’s move to a new, fab and sosyal building.  It’s a far cry from our old place.  Basically because the old one’s…well, old. It used to be a hangar then was used as an airport terminal then we got it as our operations center then as our main office.  Soon it will be converted into a working hangar again (I think).

Our swanky office has 5 + 1/2 floors, and our division’s lucky to have a view.  Here’s my working space. Sooo spacious, right?


I love my hole because I’m beside a wall where the PH and world maps are mounted. Anytime I can just gaze at the maps and let my imagination wander.


What I like about our new building is that there are a lot of meeting rooms and there’s a pantry in every floor.  So shallow but when you came from a cramped place, you’ll want so much space.  Believe me.

The novelty of having a new building has not worn off just yet.  I’m still enjoying our new digs and reporting for work now is still exciting. I hope this feeling lasts and our building maintains its pristine state.


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