#TBT Pregnancy F’s

Because it’s Thursday, let me do a throwback post – back to when I was still pregnant ūüôā

I was talking to a colleague yesterday when we both remembered that this time last year I was heavily pregnant with the lil bub.  How fast time flies noh?  That conversation led me to a senti mode thinking about my pregnancy ups and downs.

In my first pregnancy, I was really, totally clueless and relied so much on what the books say and my doctor’s advice. ¬†It was a relatively easy pregnancy and my anxieties were just because it’s my first time to be a mom. ¬†It was a mix of both excitement and agitation.

6 months pregnant – just attended a fashion show

On the second, it was a bit complicated. ¬†Maybe because of age, I was in and out of the hospital for consultations and sometimes even confinement. ¬†It came as a surprise for me because I was living an active (maybe even healthier) lifestyle prior getting pregnant. ¬†So when I thought pregnant life the 2nd time around would be a breeze, phew…it didn’t happen. ¬†Truth be told, I was more afraid in my 2nd than my 1st.

6 months pregnant – doing a shoot

Because of that, I wasn’t really able to enjoy it even if already know what to expect etc. ¬†I was on medication the whole time I was pregnant. ¬†Good thing was that I was allowed by my doctor to drink whichever milk I like, so I was on Cowhead which is really my milk brand. Looking back though, I realized I should have tried milk for expectant moms like ProMama.

ProMama is manufactured by Wyeth Nutrition, a part of Nestle S.A. ¬†It is desigd to meet the needs of pregnant women because it contains Vitamins C, E and A plus mental enhancers like DHA (for child’s visual and mental development), Folic Acid (for the development of the nervous system) and Zinc (assists in fetal neurodevelopment). ¬†ProMama also has bone and muscle builders such as Vitamin D to support unborn baby’s bone development, Protein (building block of all tissues), and Calcium which supports bone development.

ProMama is a delicious tasting milk drink designed to support women during pregnancy and lactation

I also believe that it is essential to be fit and continue to be fab while pregnant.  Pregnancy is not an excuse to be idle or to eat for two (guilty on this!).  As long as cleared by the doctor, one can still enjoy an active lifestyle.  Since I had been running prior my 2nd, I continued to run walk in moderation during my 2nd.  I just stopped when I was told to go on bed rest.

The mantra of an expectant mom should be “yes, you can take control, you can be fit and fab”.

With the help of ProMama, enjoy your pregnancy, discover the mother in you and marvel at the miracle of your baby.


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