A Day in the Life of a (Sort of) Celebrity

It’s no secret that my lil girl is a girly-girl.  She loves clothes, dolls, shoes, hamming it up in front of the camera etc.  So when she was chosen to be part of a photo shoot for Cebu Pacific’s partnership with Kidzania, it was a big go!

Here are some BTS from the shoot.

Dolled up with her Ninang Joy

It was a breeze for Lian and I was/ is still proud of how she handled herself that day.  She seems like a professional already.  In fact, one of the agency personnel handling the shoot asked me if she has been doing commercials because she’s so at ease and comfortable. The make-up artist also had the same comment.   Their observations and her behavior got me thinking – how, where did she get to be like that?  Admittedly I’m not your typical girl so that didn’t come from me.  I’m actually boyish with interests leaning more towards what the opposite gender likes.  So, where?

Honestly, I don’t know.  Schoolmates? My sisters? Oh well, doesn’t matter now, for me anyway.  As long as she acts in a professional manner and carries herself well, I’m okay.

She’s okay.


For pictures and actual output of the shoot, click here.


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