It’s Beginning to Feel Like a #MerrySMChristmas

Last Sunday, we put up our Christmas tree and put out our Christmas decors.  It’s tradition that we do it on the Feast of Christ the King.  Don’t ask me why but that’s the way it was and is in our family 🙂

This year, my daughter insisted that we go with violet and reindeers.


The reindeers we got from our trusty Laguna supplier – Balasi Export.  They make really nice all-year round decorations, boxes, giveaways etc.  It’s like our Christmas won’t be complete without their stuff in our house.

Another shop whose Christmas items are always present in our household is SM.  It’s our go-to place for everything.  We need ribbons, check!  We need more balls hanging in our tree, check!  We want “vines” for the staircase, check!  Actually, majority of our Christmas stuff were from SM.  Truly, SM got it all for us!

While putting up the tree, I can’t help but reminisce of Christmases past.  When I was a child, I look forward to setting up the tree because it meant a few more nights then school’s out and I can already open the gifts under the tree.  As I grew older, Christmas took on a different meaning – it meant Simbang Gabi with my friends during my teenage years, it meant seeing friends who are based overseas and just home for the holidays when I started working and now that I’m a wife and mom, Christmas means so much more.  It’s no longer just about me and what I want but more of what my kids want and what my hubby will like.

I’m just thankful that meeting their wants are made easier with trusted suppliers and shops. So what does a #MerrySMChristmas mean to me – it’s having a fun family time.

SM shares this season’s fun by encouraging shoppers to give a bear of joy.  For just PhP200, I get to keep a bear (well, my daughter actually) and I (she) can give the other to other kids from various orphanages.  Get to know more about SM Cares and their programs here.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the holidays with your family at SM Supermalls.  Click here for details on events this season.



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