Christmas Gift Suggestions

I think I should rename my post title to “Christmas Wish List” or “Christmas Gift Suggestions for me”.  I like The Mind Museum items listed in this post.

Seriously, who has not heard of The Mind Museum?!  Admittedly, I’m one of the few who have heard but have not visited yet.  My loss, I tell you.  Especially when I learned that there are so many things one can enjoy inside the museum.  That’s why if you’re thinking of something to give to your young ones (and old ones too), you may want to check out these exciting items.

Here are 10 gift items that might tickle your fancy imagination.

1. All day gift passes – this one’s totally for me.  Certainly a must for those who have not visited yet but would love to.

2. Naming a X in virtual exhibits – you can name a star or even a dinosaur in their virtual exhibits. Hmm…may sound cheesy but something to consider for that special someone.

3. Unlimited Science pass – why does this sound even better?  Because it’s a year-round all day pass 🙂

4. Sponsor a tour for public school kids – if this doesn’t tug your heart, I don’t know what would.

5. Design shirts – the go-to gift but this one’s different because it’s perfect for nerds!


6. Writing stuff – this is another item I wouldn’t mind receiving.  It would be a nice fit for those whose every thought is put into paper.


7. Star Planetarium – 3D stars, planets and constellations are just one view (on the 3D glasses) away.  This will definitely excite the kids.


8. Dino Excavation Kit – for geologists-in-the-making and frustrated ones too, this kit will be a dream come true.


9. Game cards – who said geeks can’t have fun?  There are decks they’re recommending – What’s GNU and Hyperswipe – both are aids to one heck of fun learning experience.


10. Plant miniatures – teaching kids to garden without a worry on landscaping?  Deal!


To know more about The Mind Museum, click here.

Address: JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Taguig City

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