Singapore Swing

A couple of days ago, I had the chance to quickly swing by Singapore for a 2-day conference.  It’s technically just an overnight thing so I had to squeeze everything in.

My main reason for going is to speak/ moderate a discussion about airline customer experience at an aviation conference.  I was so glad I came because the room’s full of airline professionals and aviation experts.  Can’t believe I was hobnobbing with them and they really seem to value my opinion. Things have definitely changed from the first time I attended an airline conference way back in 2008.  They barely knew Cebu Pacific then. Now, everyone’s interested to what’s going to happen and what our plans are for the immediate future.  The conference was held at Suntec Convention Centre (it’s the same place where the 2008 conference was held.)


After day 1 of the conference, I was able to check out Alive Museum at Suntec City. It’s right inside the mall which is a stone’s throw away from my hotel – Marina Mandarin.


It was a bonus that my family was able to follow and they kept me company.  It was definitely more fun seeing Singapore with them.

We headed to Sentosa the following day after my conference and before checking in at the airport.  Everything’s decked with Halloween stuff…even the cable cars were sporting a Super Heroes theme.

IMG_20141029_150641and the malls have this…

IMG_20141029_125210Of course, a visit to Singapore won’t be complete without this –

IMG_20141029_143905Or this

IMG_20141029_145749But then again, nothing beats the original…which I just saw from my hotel’s window

Find it! It looks tiny from my hotel.

Let me share with you photos of the amazing Marina Mandarin.  It’s lovely.  It’s an elegant business hotel.  I kinda like it more than MBS because the room is spacious.

View from the door
View from the terrace
Bathroom. The bathtub’s on the left side, just not seen in the photo. What I like is the separate urinal hihi
Nice architecture
Topview of the lobby

Just a pity that it’s a really short trip and there wasn’t enough time to go around.  Oh well, there’s always next time…and I’ll make sure we go with the lil boy 😉



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