Quiz Night at Relik

It was a first time for me – a true neophyte in the world of quiz nights!  Cebu Pacific got an invite from Google to participate in their annual quiz night.  It was a first for Google to invite clients as they usually hold events like this for online agencies.

This one’s held at Relik Fort.  Due to heavy traffic near Terminal 3, we got there just in time for the game proper.  Other teams are already there and ready to fight it out hehe


We started with just half the group present.  Then the rest followed and our group then became the loudest and funniest…I guess it helped that we were able to answer most of the questions asked.  Pampalakas loob 🙂


And as the night goes on, we answered more questions correctly and enjoyed more drinks…


we also got more happy!


It also helped that one of our mates won in the drinking contest hehe

Forgive me DJ for posting this hehe

But there are winners and losers, and there are those in the middle – us!!!


and emerged still a happy happier bunch!


Congrats Cebu Pacific! Till next year…Google 🙂



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