A Day at Common Thread

The first time I saw Bensimon in my IG feed, I immediately felt the want to have it.  Exagg…but true!  I can feel the comfort the wearer feels even on pics.  So when I had a chance to visit Common Thread in Greenbelt 5, where Bensimon sneakers is available, I didn’t let the shopping opportunity to pass.

Common Thread is a nice place to shop in.  It has a casual, laidback vibe to it. What I like best is that aside from Bensies, they also have Havaianas and they carry Lulu DK tatts (have yet to buy this one though but seriously crushing on it).

Guess which one I got? 🙂
My friend Jem got one of these comfy sandals

IMG_20140903_123601 IMG_20140903_123608

Oh well, I got this…and I love it!  I pair with almost everything I own (except long gowns haha).  I like pairing it with short casual dresses without socks haha




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