Lian-isms: Phone Talk

I got my lil one’s grades a few days ago from her school and grabbed the chance to talk to her teachers.  After that I went to the office and just talked to her on the landline to report how her grades went and relay feedback from the teacher.

Lian: Mom, what’s my highest?
Me: Your highest is…., then …blah blah
Lian: Okay, what did teacher say?
Me: Your teachers said that …. (litany of good then not-good observations)
Lian: Hello mommy, I can’t hear you.  Hello, hello…may sound yung phone.
Me: Huh? (talking to myself – choppy? mobile lang ang peg???)
Lian: Will you be home late later?
Me: No naman, why?
Lian: Okay, let’s just talk later. Bye!

Ganun?  Marunong na talaga???

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