CEB Agent Xpress

I’m always very proud of my company, Cebu Pacific.  Not because it’s expected of me as an employee but because I’m really amazed with their innovations and youthful dynamism.  If there’s a new thing in the market, trust that it’s pioneered by Cebu Pacific.  No doubt about it.

So when Cebu Pacific launched Agent Xpress in Kalibo (now you know why I’ve been going there frequently the past weeks), it’s again another 1st in the Philippine airline industry.

What exactly is Agent Xpress…or should I ask who?  He is a roving Cebu Pacific agent who can facilitate check-in, so passengers need not queue to get to the counter.

When we launched it in Kalibo, we did it over the National Heroes weekend so we have our own heroes to save the day!

Oh, this is my fave part…our team sending off our flight.

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