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There are so many things talaga invented for babies.  Kakaloka!  Kasi dati naman during my generation, wala gaano and okay naman ako lumaki.  Now ang dami talaga and not all are practical and necessary.  And this item is one that is.
Kung sino man ang nagpauso nito, thank you.  What am I talking about?  It’s a baby sling!  I had a baby carrier before for Lian na hindi naman namin masyado nagamit dahil nasasaktan si Lian sa mga buckles.  So when I heard about this cloth type na hook lang and also works as a nursing cover, go! 
My sister got me this Next9 baby sling.  And I’ve been using it on Kobe since he’s a week old.  I like wearing it because it makes me feel close to him without the worry of if I’m holding it properly.  It acts as as a support and frees up my hands.  However, when he was still so tiny, di ko kaya i-let go so I cradle him.

Just over a month old
Close to 4 months

Special shoutout to Cai for recommending this to me.

Then I saw Baby K’tans when he was about 4 months old.  I sought it out because I felt like it offers more support when baby can already support his head as the legs are spread on the fabric (mahirap i-explain pero para syang naka-ride ng bike sa loob)


And it had been my our companion ever since in all pasyals 🙂

Close to 5 months

I loooove babywearing Kobe and I just regret that I didn’t get to do this with Lian.  Although the lil girl naman was always carried before when she was a baby (which is almost the same na rin).  I was never fond kasi of strollers even if we’re traveling.  I remember carrying Lian and getting sore arms when we went to Hong Kong the first time as a family.  I just find it loads better than lugging a stroller in our trips, kahit pa it’s the easy-to-carry and light-type (umbrella-type yata ang tawag).

Here’s a link to why it’s super beneficial to babywear your baby.

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